New Engine Technology

We invite everyone to read more about our engine technology and our project at Fisher Technologies.

Our New Technology for Piston Engine offers:

  • Unprecedented fuel economy
  • Diesel engines especially benefit
  • Significant power increases
  • Reduced pollution
  • All piston engines benefactors
  • Only one major component required: a yoke-arm
Yoke-Arm Technology Substantially Advances Engine Performance

Yoke-Arm Technology Substantially Advances Engine Performance

Fisher Technologies has developed a modern day technological upgrade which dramatically improves the performance of conventional piston engines for both gasoline and diesel. This unique and cutting edge technology provides substantial increases in fuel economy, significant reductions in exhaust emissions and more power all just by adding a “yoke-arm” between the piston rod and power-shaft. A simple mechanical combination, never before developed for piston engines, uses a unique linkage that connects the piston rod to the crankshaft, yet leaves the mechanical arrangement for conventional piston engines relatively unchanged.

Yoke-Arm technology increases piston dwell during combustion for high combustion and fuel efficiencies in combination with significant power gains. All with the addition of a single component part, the yoke-arm.

The results are High Fuel Efficiencies, Low Emissions, and Increased Power/Weight Ratios



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