Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficient Engine Designs (Fisher Cycle)


An alternative to the scotch-yoke Bourke design except with simplicity and superior performance.

Fisher uses a patented yoke-arm instead.

Patent No. 7,328,682

Yoke-Arm Technology Substantially Advances Engine Performance

Fisher has developed a modern-day upgrade for piston engines which dramatically improves the performance of all conventional engines for both gasoline and diesel. This unique and cutting edge technology provides substantial increases in fuel economy, significant reductions in exhaust emissions and more power just by adding a “yoke-arm” between the piston rod and power-shaft. A simple mechanical combination, never before developed for piston engines, uses a unique linkage that connects the piston rod to the crankshaft, yet leaves the mechanical arrangement for conventional piston engines relatively unchanged.

This arrangement uses a unique yoke-arm which substantially increases piston dwell
during combustion to significantly increase combustion efficiencies. Surprisingly, this simple modification not only provides large gains in combustion efficiencies, but also greatly decreases piston rod angularity and the associated piston friction. The result is superior fuel economy, increased power and reduced emissions for both conventional crankshaft powered gasoline and diesel engines. Most all conventional engines can be accommodated such as single-cylinder, V-type, in-line, horizontally-opposed and radial with no restrictions to engine size or application.




Patent No. 7,328,682

Bourke Engine Documentary



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